June 16 Custer to Sioux Falls SD


sioux falls_edited-1

Today’s route … almost entirely on 90 E .. almost made it out of the state .. tomorrow we link up with 29 S … then we stay on E 80 all the way home .. Severe flooding/weather/tornado alerts for Sioux City tonite .. just South of us…

Racked up some miles today .. approx 380 miles .. 6 hours of driving time  .. Before we arrived at our KOA Sioux Falls campsite .. we stopped in Mitchell to check out the one and only ‘Corn Palace’..  Unfortunately .. they were working on front of  Palace .. but .. they did complete one of the sides of the building .. Because there were storms in area .. we did not take time to go inside the building …  we still had an hour of driving till we reached our campsite .. and skies were getting darker and darker by the minute.

Corn Palace

Corn Palace

DSC07668 DSC07667 DSC07666

Arrived at campsite as rain started to intensify … parked truck .. no unhitching tonite .. throw on raincoat .. set up water/electric/cable and headed into Casita .. soaked … Of course .. 10-15 minutes later .. rain stopped.. Seems as though severe storm & tornado warnings are hitting Sioux City SD … South of us !!!

Driving towards Sioux Falls

Driving towards Sioux Falls




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