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2015 First Casita Trip !

Just got home from our 2015 first Casita camping trip.  As we usually do .. we went to Promiseland State Park (Pa) .. it’s only about an hour from our home .. but .. it’s one of the nicest State campgrounds we’ve been to. Just wanted to take a local trip to check out all Casita systems .. and familiarize ourselves with the trailer .. as well as re-learning how to make blog entries !


Stayed at campsite for 3 nights .. brought our kayaks thinking we’d launch them for first time this year.. Campground has some pretty nice lakes that are close to campsites. Arrived at our campsite on Tuesday afternoon .. by the time we settled in to our site (384) .. it was getting to be late afternoon .. so we thought we’d defer kayaking till next day … As things turned out .. bad decision .. weather turned cold and windy for next 2 days .. ! Temps down in 40’s at night .. and only 50’s during the day .. Had several 3 blanket nights.. Casita furnace worked well keeping us warm .. but .. it’s too loud to leave on all night.

Our campsite only had electric .. no sewer… wifi ..  or water .. filled up Casita tank with water before we backed into our site.. by conserving water .. we were able to last the 3 nights without refilling or dumping our fresh water tank. Alot of empty sites in that Memorial Day is a few days away .. sites will be filled for Memorial Day weekend.

Never did get to launch kayaks during our stay .. too cold & windy .. but .. we did check out their nature center and spotted 2 eagles .. Although they were quite a distance away .. with Terri’s Nikon P500 and my Vortex spotting scope we were able to take some photos and some good closeup looks. Using camera with spotting scope is a little tricky .. photos did not come out as sharp as they should be … I’ll be making some adjustments to try and figure out the problem ..





Perspective .. our distance from shore to eagles.. actually distance was even farther .. this photo was cropped to make eagle appear larger

Left campsite at approx 8:30 this morning (Friday)  … weather forcast calls for a ‘Frost Advisory’ tonite .. so good timing in that we need to leave to get home to bring in our window boxes and container plants before tonite .. we’ll also cover up some recent plants/flowers we planted 2 weeks ago .. this is the 2nd time we’ve had to cover up/bring indoors our plants … weather has been a roller coaster of highs and lows .. from 80’s in the day .. to 30’s at night !

When we got home this morning we noticed we’d had a visitor while we were away .. a bear knocked over our bird feeder post .. as well as a hummingbird pole.. Minor damage to post .. a few screws and wood glue will fix the damage .. I’ll be watching for bear activity tonite .. with camera !



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