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June 16 Local Travels …

Last full day at campsite .. Thought we’d check out 2 different locations .. ‘George’s Woodcrafts’ in Marietta .. and Wilbur’s Chocolate factory in Lititz ..

George’s Furniture is approx an hour from our campsite … workshop is located in farm area .. surrounded by cornfields .. Small workshop .. but .. workers there are true craftsman… All furniture is made of hardwoods ..solid walnut .. oak .. cherry and hard maple. Being made from solid wood .. furniture pieces are very expensive … but they will probably last for generations… solid construction on everything .. All sales are direct to customers .. no middle man involved. Toured workshop and showrooms … all very interesting and worth the trip.




Largest rocking chair we’ve ever seen …  price tag $1,000


Next we headed to Wilbur’s Chocolate Candy Store & Museum in Lititz .. approx 45 min from George’s … Company has been in business since 1884..  No tours available .. we were just able to see a small museum of company’s history (at one time operated by 3 Wilbur brothers) .. and strolled around their candy store to check out some of their products .. Although company was run for many generations of Wilbur’s .. the business was eventually sold several times .. in 1992 Cargill bought the company ..





Candy Store


Tomorrow we pack up and head home .. should be approx 2 hour ride .. so .. we should be back early afternoon … It’s been a good trip .. but .. as always .. it’s good to be heading home !


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June 15 Exploring Area….

Stowed away all our camping gear in truck last night before we went to bed due to some heavy thunderstorm activity .. Actual storm passed over us pretty quickly .. but .. rain lingered on throughout the night. Campground really emptied out after Sun 2pm checkout time…

After showers .. we thought we’d check out onsite cafe .. the .. ‘GNOME CAFE’ ….  of course .. it’s closed Mon-Fri … (even though TG asked office folks what time it opened yesterday and was told 8am) ….

So .. we decided on plan B .. went into East Earl PA (a few miles from campsite) to a place called Shady Maple Smorgasbord .. advertised to be Lancaster County(s) largest Smorgasbord..  When we pulled into their huge parking lot .. we can understand why .. parking lot had ALOT of cars for their breakfast meal.  We had to wait on line to get our breakfast tickets ($9.25 per ticket) … Cost was well worth it ..  They had 4 ‘made to order’ grill stations .. lines actually moved pretty quickly .. At a suggestion of guy in front of us (he was having his second omelet of the morning ..)  we both had a veggie omelet .. it was excellent …  rest of the meal was serve yourself .. many .. many options .. breakfast meats .. potatoes .. fresh fruit .. bakery goods ..and on and on.

IMG_0774 IMG_0776

After wobbling away from table we went to check out their gift shop which was downstairs …. another huge area …over 40,000 square feet of stuff .. candles .. souvenirs .. furniture (finished and unfinished) .. sporting goods .. toys .. etc .. etc .. after purchasing some items … including a solar garden bug sculpture I found for our garden (TG was not impressed with it … 🙂 .. What garden doesn’t need a solar bug sculpture ?????

Breakfast crowd


Gift Shop


After finally leaving the building .. we decided to drive across the street to Shady Maple Farm Market .. another impressive place …  It’s a family owned grocery store .. that had to be the largest grocery store we’ve ever seen ! All dept’s were very well stocked .. Produce Dept includes local veggies and fruits .. meat dept had over 100 varieties of smoked meats from their own smokehouses .. bakery dept has over 300 items made from scratch .. all in all .. place is amazing … Must be the place where most of locals go … including Amish/Mennonite folks .. they have an area for horse and buggies to park .. (and a barrel/shovel for them to do some ‘picking up’ after their horses) …. Huge outdoor area for local grown flowers/plants … tempted to pick up some nice hanging baskets for $11 each .. no place in truck to carry them back ! Next .. huge store called ‘Goods’ .. general variety store that had almost anything you wanted .. All these places were within walking distance of each other .. could almost spend a day browsing around everything .. We did spend almost the entire morning walking around and browsing ..

IMG_0778 IMG_0779

Next stop was to check out another potential campsite and lake for kayaking ..  French Creek State Park ..  almost an hour from where we were … Lake looked pretty good for kayaking .. quiet water .. but .. rest of campground seemed to be neglected .. camping sites were not that good ..  rest rooms not clean .. very few campers in the entire park .. kind of send up a red flag for us .. not a popular place.

Back to camper … I needed an afternoon snooze .. getting tired from not getting a good night sleep for past few nights .. it’s always something .. bad weather .. hot weather .. loud neighbors .. street traffic .. etc ..

This morning we woke up to a pretty loud banging .. couldn’t figure it out .. then we remembered other TripAdvisor reports of same thing .. there is a nearby rock quarry .. and they start at 7am … banging and clanging ! Didn’t notice the noise while we were hear Sat & Sun because quarry was closed ….

Photo opportunities missed .. as we were walking back to trailer from showers .. an electric cart buzzed by with 2 Mennonite (??) elderly couples onboard .. all dressed in their local  clothing .. hats .. bonnets .. long dresses .. men with long beards .. etc .. A contrast of old generation and new technology ..  We said our hellos and walked on by …  Figured out another mystery today .. for past few days I’ve notice a ‘skunk-ish’ aroma as we go walking around campsite .. discovered it’s the electric carts causing the odor .. go figure .. campsite tries to be energy efficient by using electric carts .. yet .. they are ‘polluting’ air .. ironic !!

Back at campsite .. planning for tomorrow .. Tues .. our last day at Lake in Wood … Looking for more ‘adventures !

Having issues loading photos tonite .. odd in that had no issues over the weekend .. makes me think campsite is throttling down internet access during week days  ???   Fired up Verizon MIFI ,, photos loaded quickly …

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June 14 Hanging with the Gnomes

Quiet (but hot) day at Lake in the Wood.  While Gia was heading to the kiddie pool .. we took a walk around the ‘complex’ .. very big place .. thats why so many golf carts .. Seems like most folks are season rentals … Sunday afternoon .. alot of folks heading home.

Gia had fun in kiddie pool .. going in and out of water .. keeping adults busy and amused …. headed to campsites after morning swim .. grilled up some lunch … then it was time for Chris/Todd to pack up and head for home … We’re sure Gia had a nap all the way back .. she had a busy day ..  !

Along with alot of season rental cabins/trailers .. there are a few specialty cabins .. Caboose .. covered wagon .. tipi .. double decker bus .. tree house ..




A few more photos of Resort grounds ..




Cooling off at swimming pool





And of course .. a few more gnomes


Gnome made a guest appearance at Todd/Chris’s Tent


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June 13 Get-away-Day

Last day at Muddy Run ..  It’s been a nice campground .. if we get the chance .. we will come back again. Left the AC on all night .. kept us cool and drowned out noise from nearby roads. Up at 7 .. breakfast .. and on the water by 8 am .. It’s the weekend now .. alot more campers have arrived .. alot more boats on lake. Paddled for 90 min … wind was starting to pick up so it was a good time to load up kayaks and get our showers. Our next stop is ‘Lake in the Wood’ campground ‘Resort’ in Narvon PA .. approx an hour from Muddy Run.

IMG_0721 IMG_0725 IMG_0727

A pleasant surprise developed during the day .. Chris/Todd are not far from our ‘new’ campground and have decided to join us and do some tent camping for one night. They were able to get a tent site directly across from our site .. Couldn’t have worked out better even if we planned it !

Nice drive to Lake in the Wood .. through many farmlands and encounter numerous Amish buggies along the way .. Arrived at campground around 2:30 .. Chris & Todd arrived not far behind us.

Our campground site


Our neighbors site (Todd/Chris/Gia & Biscuit)


Lake in Wood is rated 10-10-10 as far as camping ratings … very nice place .. especially for kids .. alot of activities.. several swimming pools .. mini golf .. etc .. etc ..  Campground is very crowded .. lots of cart rentals buzzing around (you can rent one for $55 per day….) yikes .. this place is pricey .. even tent sites are $$ .. guess somebody has to pay for all these resort ammenities :). This NOT the place to be if you’re just looking to camp …

IMG_0728 IMG_0730 IMG_0732

As you could probably guess from last photo .. Lake in Wood ‘theme’ is Gnomes !  Gnomes are located everywhere in the campground !!

IMG_0736 IMG_0741

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June 12 Muddy Run and Drones !

On the lake at 8am this morning .. another nice calm water day.  A little hazy when we first woke up.. be skies cleared by the time we finished breakfast.  TG and I had the lake to ourselves for almost 2 hours .. just us and the ducks & geese and a heron !  We’re getting more efficient at loading/unloading kayaks from truck .. 10 min to take kayaks off .. 22 min to strap them back on.. We’ve done it so many times this trip that it’s getting to be routine.. IMG_0692 IMG_0693 Weather up in 90’s this afternoon .. getting up early to go to the lake seems to work out best .. water is calmer .. temps not as hot as afternoon..  Get away day tomorrow .. check out time is 3pm .. so we’ll probably have time for another morning launch before we head to our next stop. After something to eat and showers we headed to another part of campground we haven’t been to .. large park/playground area with a visitor center.. Large grassy fields made this a perfect area to launch my Hubsan Drone … had it for a few weeks .. never flew it in an open field ..  Perfect place .. lots of grass .. no one else around ..  Our neighbor told us about good internet at this visitor center .. they were correct .. best service we’ve had since we’ve been here !! IMG_0698 IMG_0700 IMG_0701 Checked out visitor center .. nice place .. butterfly garden ..  explanation of nearby dams and nuclear power center .. alot going on in this area ..




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June 11 Kayaking on Muddy River Run

Another nice day .. on the water at 10 am … nice quiet water .. lake close to our campground. Paddled for 90 min .. then back to campsite for showers… Hot one today .. supposed to be the 90’s.  Seems like we’re in a Verizon dead zone at campsite .. so we take laptop with us when ever we head to town ..



Typing is at a nice cheese shop called ‘September Farm’ .. sandwiches .. home made ice cream .. general store. Numerous cheese & dip samples to sample .. Having lunch here .. sitting on their porch .. planning rest of day and tomorrow .. Heading out tomorrow afternoon … All cheese(s) made onsite .. Family owned & operated for several generations ….

IMG_0682 IMG_0683 IMG_0684

Could be our last post of the day .. heading towards campground .. ‘The Verizon Dead Zone’ !

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June 10 Kayaking & Muddy Run Creek Campground

Up early this morning .. breakfast .. on the water by 9 am.  Water was as calm as we’ve ever seen anywhere … perfect conditions ! Blue skies .. no winds … Stayed on water for approx 90 min .. in that today is a moving day .. we needed to get our showers and pack up. Hit the dump station on the way out .. on the road to next site by noon.


Muddy Run Creek was only about an hour drive … Unusual site in that campground is ‘owned’ by power company called Excelon … They made a deal with state that they would ‘donate campground property as a good will gesture for letting company use close by river resources that company needs. Pretty nice campground .. nearby lake to kayak … snack bar .. general store. Glad we carry extra fresh water hose(s) and extra length electrical cord .. never seen utility poles so far away from sites .. We’ll be here for 3 nights then will move on to our last camping site for this trip.

After settling in at our site (water/electric only) .. we headed off to Lancaster area ..  We’ve been to Lancaster several times .. so we were a little familiar with area. TG checked  out a quilt store .. did some browsing at local tourist shops. Went to a restaurant called Miller’s for our anniversary dinner .. Nice place .. highly rated for it’s Amish buffets. Waddled out of restaurant .. and headed back to campsite .. a nice hour drive through the countryside.

No special plans for tomorrow .. we’ll just see what happens …

Poor Verizon cell service at this campground … our Verizon Mifi usually get us good service .. but not at Muddy Run Creek.  Don’t think I’ll be able to add any photos to blog …  Will try to add photos later tonite … or tomorrow !

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