June 9 You know you’re camping in the woods when …….

an owl wakes you up at 2am !  Campsite has been almost total quiet .. not too many campers around our site (until today).  Last nite an owl started hooting loudly .. sounded very close .. like almost in a tree that is next to our camper. After a few hoots … he moved on.  If he’s hooting again tonite .. I’m going out outside to try and locate him .. !

Slept a little later than usual this morning … a little sore from yesterday’s paddling .. so we decided to do some tours today. It’s a nice sunny day .. storm cleared out last night. Trivia fact .. York area is the Tour Capital of the USA …  alot of tours to be taken … There are a few things we didn’t know until we checked in at a visitor center .. 1) Most tours are from Tue-Fri    2) Most tours require advance reservations ..   So … our tour choices were limited today .. Our first tour stop was at Harley Davidson Factory ..  Not that we have any interest of ever getting a motorcycle .. it was very interesting to see the process of how they are made. Took an hour free tour of factory .. watched a 10 min movie on how company got started (started in 1903 by 4 guys in a wooden shed .. in Milwaukee).. Amazed to see how organized and efficient factory is run .. alot of assembly lines with manual labor .. but . alot of robots as well .. robot welding especially. Got to see pretty much entire build process .. from parts to build and painting .. assembly and ‘road’ testing process .. Approx 1100 workers in plant .. Looks like it would be a nice place to work !



Test driving a few cycles !

IMG_0644  IMG_0642

IMG_0640 IMG_0638

Next we moved on to a working dairy farm … Perrydell Farms.  Small farm with self guided tour .. mostly checking out calves and the cows.  After tour .. we stopped into their gift shop/ice cream store. Homemade ice cream was very good … We’re on a ice cream streak .. 2 days in a row we’ve had homemade  ice cream .. must be all the dairy farms in the area !


IMG_0652 IMG_0651

IMG_0650 IMG_0649


Tomorrow is get-away-day … heading to next stop camping site Muddy Creek.. It’s approx one hour drive .. and we don’t have to check out till 3pm .. so .. plan is to do some kayaking in the morning .. pack up .. dump tanks and arrive at our next site by 2pm ??

What is this … a photo of prison facilities ????


No …. it’s our shower facilities .. take your showers on the right .. then walk across isle to get your clothes !! No privacy for changing … creepy !


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