June 16 Local Travels …

Last full day at campsite .. Thought we’d check out 2 different locations .. ‘George’s Woodcrafts’ in Marietta .. and Wilbur’s Chocolate factory in Lititz ..

George’s Furniture is approx an hour from our campsite … workshop is located in farm area .. surrounded by cornfields .. Small workshop .. but .. workers there are true craftsman… All furniture is made of hardwoods ..solid walnut .. oak .. cherry and hard maple. Being made from solid wood .. furniture pieces are very expensive … but they will probably last for generations… solid construction on everything .. All sales are direct to customers .. no middle man involved. Toured workshop and showrooms … all very interesting and worth the trip.




Largest rocking chair we’ve ever seen …  price tag $1,000


Next we headed to Wilbur’s Chocolate Candy Store & Museum in Lititz .. approx 45 min from George’s … Company has been in business since 1884..  No tours available .. we were just able to see a small museum of company’s history (at one time operated by 3 Wilbur brothers) .. and strolled around their candy store to check out some of their products .. Although company was run for many generations of Wilbur’s .. the business was eventually sold several times .. in 1992 Cargill bought the company ..





Candy Store


Tomorrow we pack up and head home .. should be approx 2 hour ride .. so .. we should be back early afternoon … It’s been a good trip .. but .. as always .. it’s good to be heading home !


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