Promiseland State Park Aug 13

Late night last nite .. stayed up to watch meteor shower/shooting stars .. didn’t go to bed till 4:30 in the morning .. but .. it was worth it .. we’ve never seen so many stars .. it was a clear night with no moon … so stars really popped in the sky .. and ALOT of stars .. We saw over 30 meteorites/shooting stars .. thats more then we’ve seen in our entire life… Seemed as if every few minutes we would find one in the sky .. No luck  trying to take a photo …  the event happens so quickly you would have to be very lucky to take photo at exact time of the event .. Was able to capture some time lapse video of the sky ..  .. but .. need to edit the 4 minute clip ..  We’ll stay up again tonite .. but .. we’ll go to bed much earlier for sure !





Busy day today .. on lake kayaking for a few hours .. nice sunny day .. no eagle sightings .. but .. we did locate their empty nest .. we’ll try again tomorrow .. More of the same planned for tomorrow .. kayaking and maybe some hiking ..








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