Aug 14 Promiseland State Park

Last day on our camping trip .. we leave tomorrow (Sat) morning ..

Tried staying up late last nite to do some stargazing .. but .. way too tired to make it past 10pm ..  Setup Brinno time lapse camera .. looks like we did catch a few shooting meteors/stars .. Will do some video editing when we get home … Looks like another clear night tonight .. so .. I’ll set up Brinno again ..

Another nice sunny day .. we’ve been very lucky with weather on this trip .. Hit the lakes this morning on our kayaks .. checked eagles nest .. no activity .. did see some osprey’s in the sky .. interesting to watch them circle around then drop almost straight down when they see fish .. they dive straight into water making a big splash .. also saw some herons …  Came back to campsite .. took our showers then headed out for dinner at a local restaurant .. place didn’t open till 5pm .. so we went to play some mini golf next door .. nice course .. very challenging and tricky .. all holes par 2 or 3 …  did manage 2 hole in 1’s .. last one being on 18th hole .. so we won a pass for a free game .. Weird coincidence in that lady that operates the course was pruning some flowers as we approached the 18th hole .. I asked her if she had any tips for us .. she did .. she said ‘aim for second bush’ on the right next to hole .. easier said then done I told her .. but … we did it .. hole-in-one !

On the way back from dinner we stopped at wildlife observation shack to check on any activity  .. no eagles in nest but we could hear an eagle(s) making some noise way on the other side of the lake .. we’ve seen eagles enough times to recognize their sounds .. sure enough TG spotted one with her binoculars on the far side of lake sitting on a branch .. tried to use spotting scope on him .. but .. could not get a sharp photo … Headed back to campsite .. driving in to the State Park entrance .. we just missed seeing a black bear cross the road in front of his .. only caught a glimpse of his/her butt .. and a big butt it was … ! Could not get the photo .. bear was on the move !




All in all an interesting day !!!


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