PromiseLand Sept 29

6:30 pm

Cloudy skies all day .. just waiting for the forcasted rain …  In an effort to prepare for rain for the next 24 hours (??).. we thought we’d get ‘clever’ and set up a tarp on top of our awning .. thinking that tarp would prevent rain from going through our awning .. (not sure how porous awning is) .. Would be nice to sit outside under our awning during the rain …




Good news .. bad news .. tarp held up well .. rain not coming through our awning ..  bad news .. rain is dripping down side of Casita where awning is attached .. dripping down on to our outdoor mat ..  So .. we could set up our chairs under awning … but .. our rug will be soaked …  Our ‘system’ needs a little ‘tweaking’ … 🙂 …

Forcast calling for 1-2 inches of rain tonite .. we’ll be listening our emergency weather radio tonite .. checking on our local area …


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