Promise Land Oct 2

08:30 …  Friday .. Weather has been pretty nasty since we arrived on Monday (rain…. cloudy.. overcast .. chilly temps .. and more rain) .. so we decided to head home today instead of tomorrow… With only a 40% chance of rain today and 90% tomorrow .. we decided to pack up now instead of tomorrow .. wanted to hitch/dump/unhitch BEFORE rain starts..  45 degrees this morning  !!

Plan worked … made it home around noon .. unloaded truck/Casita under gray .. gloomy skies.  In next few weeks .. we’ll wash/wax and cover Casita .. getting it ready for it’s Winter hibernation.

Never did get kayaks off the roof of truck .. We knew when we left that our chances of launching this week would be slim .. so we weren’t that disappointed. Yesterday we were able to take a small hike .. We stopped at Ranger office and picked up some info on how to use a compass while hiking. They provided compass (loaner) and instructions and how to navigate using a compass. Park has set up a 2 ‘courses’ that we could practice on .. a beginners and am intermediate.. Instructions included how to calculate and plot your path to 9 stations… Took a couple of attempts .. but .. we finally figured out what we were doing .. completed the beginners course .. if we had more daylight .. we would have tried intermediate as well .. next visit .. Turned out to be a fun thing to do .. we’ll try it again when we get the chance ..

Wandering in woods … checking compass for directions .. A little spooky in that we usually walk on paths in woods .. using compass .. no paths .. lost sight of our parked truck .. easy to lose your bearings and get lost  !


No kayaking, hiking or campfires  .. we spent some of our days exploring area(s) that we haven’t been to .. Did alot of reading …alot of quiet time at campsite ..

Sat morning …  Looks like we made right decision to leave on Fri and not Sat .. 41 degrees this morning .. rain in forcast for entire day ..  !!!


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