Day 2 Harrison Lake State Park

map day 2

Rain most of last night .. decent nite sleep.. TG is  NOT a fan of recently purchased mattress topper .. it’s a 3 inch topper that’s a bit ‘too’ soft. Made some ‘adjustments’ for tonite..  Our 9/9/9 campsite, with it’s partial gravel .. turned into a mini mud pit.. Quick getaway .. just unhook electric .. connect to truck and we were gone .. Overcast day .. but .. we’re thankful there was no rain coming down.  In that water at campground was a little funky .. we decided to skip showers .. hoping our next campground would be better. In that we skipped breakfast as well .. we stopped at a Cracker Barrel .. approx 50 miles down the road .. biscuits and some scrambled eggs and fruit.. and of course a few cups of hot tea … !

Approx 5 hours of driving time today .. under mostly overcast skies .. no sun or blue sky at all .. but .. no rain for the day.  Stopped for a snack and tea break after approx 150 miles .. then straight into our campsite..  Harrison State Park is a shocker .. this place is a definite 10/10/10 !  Grounds are well kept .. nice lake and boating area (wish we had kayaks).. walking paths .. CLEAN bathrooms…. In that we arrived approx 2pm .. we had time to walk around and check the Park  out … this is the best State Park we have ever been to. After our walk .. we took long hot showers .. and will do the same in the morning.

Our Campsite ….


Tomorrow the plan is to camp at Peru Ill .. for a 2 nite stay .. giving ourselves a break.. still gloomy forcast .. but .. we’ll just putter around preparing for next leg of our journey.  In that we have been using for Verizon Jetpack for WIFI for past few days .. I’ve noted our usage has gone up quicker that I would like .. may stick to just photos and hold off of videos for awhile …



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2 responses to “Day 2 Harrison Lake State Park

  1. Nick

    I looked at weather map, and weather doesn’t look too bad heading west. Glad today’s campground is more spiffy than the first place. Rainy and overcast here☹️☹️. Yeah that video eats up a lot of bandwidth.

  2. Jerry

    Great to see you guys are on the road. Wishing you safe travels, and looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

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