Day 3 Ohio to Illinois

Day 3 .. 274 miles … last hour was a grind !   Getting abit tired .. so tonites stop in Hickory Hollow Campground Ill. May be a 2 niter so we can regroup!

Left under drizzling skies this morning .. oatmeal .. yogurt .. tea .. showers and we were on the road at 8:30 .. Rained again for most of the night ..

Map Day 3

Left Ohio .. drove through Indiana .. stopping for the nite at Hickory Hollow Campground  in North Utica Ill.  Glad to get Indiana behind us .. it was not a pleasant drive at all .. Big difference between Ohio Rt80 and Indiana Rt80 .. Ohio stretch had better paved roads and was maintained better .. Indiana had alot of paving going on .. forcing 2-3 lanes to one.  Also encountered 2 significant traffic delays near Gary Indiana .. accidents/major artery merges .. probably both .. one delay was for 50 min .. bumper to bumper .. second delay was for 35 min… many .. many 18 wheelers near Gary .. almost 8 at of 10 vehicles were trucks (yes .. sitting in bumper to bumper traffic .. I counted).. Hate when we get surrounded by a wall of 18 wheelers .. they block all sign visability..  Also .. due all rain we had last night .. I would have to turn wipers on after EVERY time truck passed due to their water spray ‘blowback’ .. annoying !

Bumper to Bumper .. surrounded by 18 wheelers .. and all of our dashboard electronic gear



Bumper to bumper for approx 50 min (taken with Iphone)


Campground has free wifi .. so .. decided to take dashcam out of truck and use it as a video cam … if I would have known about this primo wifi .. I would have taken some spectacular clips of us stuck in traffic !  🙂


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