Day 7 Nebraska to Wyoming

Another day .. another 240 miles .. Left ‘The Blue Heron at 6am .. I’d been awake since 3am .. Seems as though only folks in campsite were work campers .. so .. they were coming in late at night .. some leaving for work early morning !

We are now in Mountain Time Zone


In that we got an early start .. we had some time to kill before we checked in to next campsite.  Stopped at a Cabela’s and a Walmart in Sidney Nebraska.  Filled truck gas tank ($1.95 gal) and back on 80 West. 2nd day in a row temps in the low 80’s …  seems as though when temps get up that high .. Casita fridge temps starts to climb as well .. picked up some ice at Walmart and rebagged them to put in fridge .. helping to bring temps down.

Arrived at our Cheyenne campground .. ‘A & B Campground’ at approx 2pm .. full hookups & WIFI for next 3 days.. Taking a few non travel days to check out Cheyenne .. laundry .. repack truck .. etc.  BBQ restaurant onsite .. we can smell the BBQ smokin in Casita .. nice .. we will be checking it out before we leave.  After setting  up Casita and showers .. headed into downtown Cheyenne .. only about 15 min from us. Walked around town .. checking out some touristy places.  After chatting with visitor center folks .. seems as though visitors can park just about anywhere they want in town (within reason) .. they like to encourage folks to visit .. not hassle them .. nice !

A lot of painted cowboy boots around town !




The Wrangler is a huge building with all the cowboy/girl gear you would ever need.. cowboy hats .. jeans .. belt buckles .. boots and much more.




More sightseeing for tomorrow … forcast is for rain Sat & Sun .. we’ll be bringing out rain gear for sure !


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  1. Nick

    At our TN hideaway. Cut up and moved some lage trees that had fallen during the winter. Tractor got a good workout today (us too!!) Beautiful weather here on the mountain. Using our own hotspot internet tonight – surprised it’s working, as it seldom does. You guys are making good time – in Wyoming already😄😄😄. That Blue Heron campground did not look good!! Liked the Cheyenne pix. Will be here several more days unless weather turns bad.

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