Day 22 Capital Reef

Another windy/chilly day at Capital Reef. Decided that today would be a chore day.. In to Torrey for breakfast .. laundry.. gas for truck and filled up our 5 gallon fresh water container for Casita. Exhausted one of our propane tanks yesterday .. so went to a nearby town Lola to get it refilled. Dumped Casita tanks .. hitched up Casita ..

Internet issues continue to plague us at campsite.. seems to be hit or miss.. mostly miss.

Local Police Force (photo may not load)

Photo of police car parked just before entering Torrey.. Looks official until you look in drivers window… It’s a dummy behind the wheel.. I think it’s a tourist attraction .. Everytime we passed it .. people taking photos ..

Last photo is the Chuckwagon .. one stop shopping .. General store .. bakery .. deli.. showers .. motel .. lunch/breakfast .. Everything a camper would need ! 


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  1. Nick

    70 mph winds (??) bet the Casita doesn’t like that. Nice to be buttoned up and safe for the night. We’re in Cancun. Quite beautiful here. Same place we stayed at last Thanksgiving. These ‘all inclusive’ places are alright!!! Gonna swim with the dolphins tomorrow. On Leslie’s ‘Bucket List”. Sony camera WiFi giving me fits. Cannot transfer pix from camera to ipad via WiFi. Wish iPad had SD slot!! I know the pix are on the card because I can review them on camera. Arghh!!!!

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