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Day 33 Horseshoe Bend

Checking off our last ‘things to do’ item for Page .. went to Horseshoe Bend this morning .. we visited 5 years ago .. nothing  has changed .. still impressive .. Got there pretty early .. 8:30 .. not too crowded .. an hour later.. 4 tour buses hit the parking lot .. 4 buses .. 50 people per bus … do the math .. needless to say .. things got crowded very quickly !

Speaking of foreign tourists .. recapping some of yesterday’s Upper Canyon adventures … As I’ve mentioned before .. Upper Canyon is VERY crowded .. pushing/bumping .. everyone moving to get in position for the ‘perfect shot’. Terri encountered 2 situations … one lady was trying to use her shoulder as a tripod to steady her camera … another almost pushed her down trying to brace herself for ‘the shot’… Terri held her ground .. but .. these foreign tourists are NOT to be denied …As Terri mentioned today .. ‘with so much beautiful scenery .. I’ve never seen so many people take so many photos of themselves’.  Everyone taking selfies … Amazing how people can walk to the edge of Horseshoe Bend (with it’s 1000 ft drop) and start posing for photos…

One of those crazy tourists standing on the edge !


Pretty tricky to get entire bend in river .. you really have to hang off the edge to get the shot .. not for me !






Rest of the day getting ready for tomorrow’s departure .. Walmart for some groceries .. ice for cooler .. gas for truck .. banking .. laundry .. reorg truck bed and back seat.  Tomorrow morning we head to Monument Valley .. a new adventure for us.

Early lunch/dinner at Big John’s BBQ … our second trip .. best ribs I’ve had.. Media touts it as 11th best BBQ in state of Arizona.. we wouldn’t disagree.




Happy Camper ..


Mornings are a little ‘strange’ for us .. at 5:30 .. sun is in the sky .. people out walking around .. etc .. Nice for those of us who get up early in the morning .. not so nice if you like to sleep late …

Tonight is our last nite at Wahweap Campground .. abit on the $$ for a campsite .. but .. great showers .. laundry facilities .. general store .. proximity to Slot Canyons … made the cost well worth it ..


Temps getting abit warm for us .…  temps taken late afternoon (fridge top number .. bottom number is outside (in the shade) temp


Next 3 nights will be at Monument Valley …. if we are to believe reviews on campground .. we may not have Verizon or Internet service during our stay .. so .. we may be going dark !



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