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Day 36 Monument Valley


Morning Post  .. will update throughout the day

Officially declared today a regrouping day … no long rides (we may not leave our campground) .. mostly puttering around .. internet .. reorg truck .. reorg/clean Casita .. plan for our departure tomorrow. This evening we’ll probably go to onsite ‘theater’ to check out a John Wayne movie and 2 short movies about the area.

A good day to sort through many photos we’ve taken .. as well as figure out what we want to do with Dashcam video clips and Brinno Time Lapse clips.

Recap of our trip .. we’ve stayed to our schedule .. currently we are at location ‘L’ .. Gouldings Az  (we are right on Utah/Arizona border) .. campground is in Az .. Monument Valley is in Utah.

2016 Casita



Laundry done .. truck/Casita ready to roll tomorrow morning .. went out to Gouldings Lodge for dinner .. then watched 2 short videos about Monument Valley .. alot of history here for sure. John Wayne flick didn’t start till 8pm .. too tired to wait for it .. and little ‘theater’ was like as ice box .. AC up all the way .. understandable .. temps in mid 90’s late in the afternoon. Will watch some John Wayne Westerns when we get chance ….


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