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Day 37 Cottonwood Az

Left Monument Valley at 9am .. another sunny/warm/blue sky day !  Showers and breakfast .. on the road.  Approx 270 miles to Cottonwood .. Dead Horse Ranch State Park. We stayed here during our last trip out West .. nice location  ..  close to Sedona .. but .. not too close. Arrived around 1pm.. Interesting ride in to Cottonwood .. went through at least 3 totaly different landscapes . from red rocks/dirt .. to tan rocks/dirt to pine trees/grass on the outskirts of Flagstaff ..

Our campsite … place is empty



Immediately encounter a problem after pulling into our site … HEAT .. and more HEAT .. we put our thermometer in the shade while we finished unhooking .. 108 degrees !!!!!! Crazy hot .. like walking into an oven (not that I’ve ever done that)..  Noticed that we were the only trailers in the Red Hawk loop … I guess not too many folks want to camp in early June.. Since then .. a few more trailers have pulled in. So we turn on AC full blast to cool things down .. Checked our Weather App .. ‘Excessive Heat Warning’ in our area .. No kidding !!!!!!  As Casita is chilling down .. I was outside in truck when I get the words I dread hearing Terri say .. ‘We Have a PROBLEM’ ….  ‘AC conked out ..’ no power coming into trailer !!!  Great .. 108 degrees .. no AC ! !@#%%#  Pulled out a test cable I had in truck bed that checks power from campsites power post.. No power .. reset circuit breaker .. no power .. starting to sweat ! Went to neighboring campsites ..  no power !  OK .. entire campground must be without power .. not just us.. I feel a little bit better knowing that .. Hopped in truck to check in with Park Ranger .. ran into camp host .. advised me that problem has been called in to power company … ‘they are working on it’ .. Plan B .. fire up the Yamaha generator.  Not supposed to use generators in park but host said to go for it.. Not quite sure if generator can handle load of Casita AC  .. it draws alot of power .. and we’ve never used it for AC … Crossed our fingers and fired Yamaha up .. starts on first pull .. plug in Casita cable .. generator hardly blinks .. it can take the load !!!!   Great .. love that Yamaha !!!   Camp host comes around saying we can use generator for as long as we need .. power company told them they expect an hour or so outage .. we’ll see about that…  Host also said temps are much higher than usual at this time of year .. too hot .. too early in the season. Also mentioned that temps should drop to mid 50’s tonite …. Nice !!

Some photos from last nite’s sunset taken from our cmpground







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