Day 38 Sedona

Temps ‘cooling down to 60’s last night .. turned off Casita AC but had a small fan going for most of the night. Our power failure yesterday included downtown Cottonwood .. police were at intersections directing traffic. Outage was approx one hour..

We’re back to 5am sunrises … still strange for us to see blue sky and sun rising at that time of morning .. Sun’s up .. we’re up !  Showers .. breakfast .. in to Sedona.. Approx 20 min from our campsite .. First stop was Red Rock State Park ..  ($14 admission for the 2 of us) … We were in park early .. trying to get things done before temps start climbing. They had an excellent hummingbird garden with alot of feeders for both birds and hummingbirds .. We stayed for quite a long time watching them dart around the garden .. Garden was an inspiration for us on how we would like our yard to look. Colorful plants and a water feature to attract the birds ..










Next on to Crescent Moon State Park … ($10 admission fee for us) .. I was able to walk in a cool stream for quite awhile  ..  checking out the scenery .. water felt great on a hot day.




Then on to some hiking .. took a 2 mile hike … Fay Canyon .. Info Center folks told us it was shady trail .. didn’t find much shade … ?? we’re talking mid afternoon heat .. triple digit heat. As nice as the trail was .. we were glad to get back to the truck .. to turn on the AC.

Fay Canyon Trail




Lunch in Sedona .. ice cream on the way back to campsite .. I don’t think we will be doing any grilling at campsite .. too hot to stand in front of a grill.

Downtown Sedona




Loop in our campground is still empty (except for one other trailer that we can’t see from our site ..) a little ‘creepy’ with no one around !  When we got back to Casita this afternoon .. inside temp was 110 … Outside temp 105 (in the shade) !!!!

Our campsite loop … empty ..



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