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Day 40 Catalina State Park

Moved down the road a bit .. (approx 240 miles) to Catalina State Park just outside of Tuscon… Nice big park .. all sites and roads recently paved (last week). Traffic got a little dicey around Phoenix area .. but not that horrible .. About 30 min from Phoenix .. we started seeing alot of Saguaro cactus .. and palm trees .. Cactus were covering the mountains in some areas .. pretty neat… We’ll be seeing alot more in next few days for sure ..

Pulled into campsite .. drove around for quite awhile looking for some shady sites .. none to be found .. there are alot of small trees .. but no shade. Camp host(s) found 2 possibilities .. we picked one of them .. a little shade better than none.

Across from campground is a shopping center .. had lunch at In & Out Burger .. then did some shopping at Walmart .. We may be visiting In & Out another time or two !

Took our evening stroll around campground before showers .. no snakes .. but .. a ton of ground squirrels and several roadrunners .. Ground squirrels have made ALOT of holes in ground .. fun watching them chase each other then duck into a hole and pop out somewhere else .. Reminded us of the game ‘whack-a-mole’ !

MANY holes in the ground.. squirrels popping in and out of them constantly



Roadrunners .. sometimes I can catch them standing still .. if they are moving .. impossible to photo them .. they are quick !




Saguaro in campground


Our campsite for next few nites


Keeping to our hot weather plans .. get up early while it’s cool .. do our tourist thing .. come back in the afternoon and cool off in AC !   Expecting triple digits our entire stay in Arizona.


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