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Day 45 T or C Riverbend Hot Springs

Last day in T or C … Task for the morning was laundry .. also a good day to take truck for a bath .. truck has been carrying around alot ofUtah/Arizona dirt for quite awhile.. Chores done .. did some afternoon hanging around hot springs ..

Truth or Consequences was actually called Hot Springs .. in the 50’s the  game show ‘Truth or Consequences’ wanted to see if a town would change their name .. Hot Springs was chosen out of many entries .. You can still see name Hot Spring on several buildings while driving around town. Very small town .. not much going on except Hot Springs .. several Hot Spring locations around town .. but .. this was the only one we found that was actually off the Rio Grande.. very scenic and peaceful… Riverbend was a good stop for us .. very quiet .. no crowds .. no rushing around to see and  do things .. just sit and relax .. very .. Zen-ish !




Folks floating down Rio Grande River



Sauna .. temps 140 inside .. can’t handle that much heat !





Last nite in Truth or Consequences .. tomorrow we head to Sante Fe NM ! We will miss the little town of T or C .. well .. maybe not the town .. but .. Riverbend Hot Springs !



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