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Day 46 Truth or Consequences to Santa Fe

Had an early breakfast in T or C at a highly rated breakfast place per TripAdvisor .. ‘Passion Pie’ .. Quite abit of a hippy vibe going on within this cafe and entire town .. We both had waffles … TG went for the fruit and whipped cream version .. got a little more than she was expecting … ¬†yes .. there is a waffle underneath all that whipped cream .. no .. TG could not finish it ! To borrow a phrase from someone .. ‘it was a plate of regret’ !


200 miles today .. mostly arid.. scrub brush terrain …. hardly any traffic until we approached Albuquerque … Staying at Santa Fe Skies RV Park .. outside Santa Fe City limits .. Santa Fe has an altitude of 7000 ft .. 1500 feet higher than Denver .. so .. we are expecting much cooler temps during our 3 night stay. Santa Fe is supposed to be in the top 10 cities with the cleanest air on the planet !!! To conserve water .. Santa Fe businesses and homes cannot have green grass or water often… lack of water is a big issue in SouthWest …

After setting up . went into town to find a pharmacy to get some meds renewed .. lunch .. then back to campsite for showers .. Alot of sightseeing scheduled for next 2 days .. we’ve never been to Santa Fe .. all new to us .. One thing on our to do list is check out ‘The Turquoise Trail’ … Almost 60 mile Scenic Byway (road) from Santa Fe to Albuquerque.. alot of History and Arts & Craft stops along the way .. I’m sure we can spend most of the day on The Trail …




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