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Day 49 Santa Fe to Amarillo TX

284 miles on the road today .. switched over to Central time zone.  On I 40 E for almost the entire day .. (as we will tomorrow and the next day)….  A little problem getting a campsite reservation .. Fri.. weekend coming up .. Father’s Day.. finally found a place in Amarillo ‘Overnite RV Park’ .. not the greatest .. but we are not unhitching and will leave first thing in the morning … In that reservations may be tricky .. we went ahead and made reservations for tomorrow nite at a KOA in Choctaw Ok.

Got settled in at our campsite at around 3:30.. Found out that there is a shuttle service from campsite to a restaurant called ‘The Big Texan’ .. we’ve seen numerous billboards during our ride up .. so we decided to check it out .. especially in that we do not want to unhitch tonite .. Shuttle driver picked us up and drove approx a mile to restaurant..   Very Texas touristy .. food not great .. but atmosphere was ‘interesting’ .. Split a meal (small steak) and salad and a dessert …

An attraction is that if you can eat a 72 oz steak with all the trimmings .. you do not pay .. if you can’t finish meal in 60 min .. you pay $72… Saw a few guys try it .. not even close to finishing the meal .. one guy left with 2 doggie bags he had so much left over. Before a challenger starts .. announcement is made he’s read the rules .. he gets to take a bite to ensure steak is to his liking .. entire crowd cheers .. the clock countdown starts !!!

Shuttle .. nice horns on the hood !


You are probably  thinking ‘what does 72 oz of steak look like ??



Inside was all out Texas decor  ..




One of the challengers .. (we left before his time was up).. he just started .. he had 57:12 min left



Two  more challengers at the table .. both unsuccessful


Misc photos …







‘Time Out’ box for ‘troublemakers’  🙂



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