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Day 50 Amarillo TX to Choctow OK

Another 270 miles closer to home … Left around 7 this morning .. thought we’d get an early start .. stop at a FlyingJ’s for gas and Denny’s for breakfast .. one stop shopping was the theory .. Not to be .. filled truck .. but .. no parking in lot for us so we could have breakfast. We have had this ‘issue’ with FlyingJ’s before .. most of them do not have dedicated spots for rv/travel trailers. So we backtracked a few miles and found a Cracker Barrel .. they ALWAYS have rv/trailer parking… it’s one of the main reasons we go there .. (biscuits is another reason !).  FlyingJ’s are NOT rv/trailer friendly .. even though they advertise they are .. sent an email to FlyingJ to advise them of what I think of their parking 🙂 To balance things out .. I sent an email on Cracker Barrel website (as well as spoke to onsite manager) as to how great their service was .. we were approached several times by different people (including manager) asking how we were doing .. do we need anything .. can they clear our plates .. etc .. everyone was friendly .. from waitress’s to cashier .. to folks working in their ‘store’ .. Quite a few times we’ve run into some unfriendly … grumps folks in stores and restaurants .. Cracker Barrel  folks were on top of their game !

After driving 90 min .. we pulled into an info center/rest area… very nice .. well kept and clean. Browsed some tourist brochures for the fun of it .. not thinking of anything special .. came across info about RT 66 Museum .. it was just off  I 40 .. a few miles down the road .. so we thought we’d check it out.

Actually .. we were traveling on a portion of Rt 66 (I 40) .. Alot of museums and restauranats going with Rt 66 themes in alot of states … posters .. tshirts .. pins .. hats .. etc .. etc . Rt 66 is a big business. Small but nice museum ..  in that Rt 66 goes from Chicago Ill to Calif .. this museum was built from a Oklahoma perspective .. Actually found another Casita in museum parking alot ..







RT 66 Diner opened up in 1956 in Shamrock TX .. (double click second photo to read story



Did you know .. Phillips 66 gas stations were named to cash in on RT 66 name .. very similar shield logo


Terri cruising in her red convertible ‘Vette !


Misc photos taken during our tour …









Staying at a nice KOA campground tonite … Choctow OK.. wide sites .. pull through .. individual/private showers .. No issues driving today until we got close to Oklahoma City … we could see alot of very dark clouds in direction we were heading … we haven’t seen rain in many weeks since we’ve been on the road … sky was split … dark clouds around us but there was a small patch of clear sky in between them .. we could see lightning and hear thunder on both sides of us .. as luck would have it .. we only encountered a short burst of heavy rain for a few minutes. Rain came at a bad time in that we were in some congested areas .. fortunately .. storm went around us .. and we stayed dry while we setup Casita … very lucky ! We can tell weather is getting more and more humid as we travel East .. miss that ‘dry’ heat .. 100 + days in Utah and Arizona … NOT !!!!

Tomorrow we head to Arkansas .. next day we should be in Tenn !


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