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Day 53-54 Pikeville TN and Day 55 Salem VA


Catching up on blog .. went ‘dark’ for a few days …..

Spent 2 nights in Pikeville Tn at Nick & Leslie’s property .. They had campsite utilities all setup for us .. just needed to park the Casita … very convenient !! Spent most of our days relaxing and catching up with what’s been going on …  needed a few days of non driving .. temps continued to be warm … actually had some rain last night … haven’t seen rain in quite awhile !  Took a ride int Chattanooga TN .. for a quilt shop run and for lunch .. Well rested .. we left Pikeville this morning at 7:30.. heading towards Virginia … toying with the idea of making it home in 2 days ..  but .. that’s alot of miles to cover ..

Friday …. went from Pikeville to Salem Virginia … 350 miles … i 40E to 81 N .. we’ll take 81 N for almost the entire trip home … After today’s drive .. we’re ‘semi-confident’ that we can make it home tomorrow !! Wanted to drive another hour or so today … but .. had trouble finding campground .. tried 2 .. both filled up ..Need to cover approx 450 miles tomorrow .. but .. thinking we will leave early .. take our time .. and arrive home whenever … just want to be home before dark .. So .. if all works out .. this will be our last night at a campground !!! (for now) ..

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