Day 55 Pikeville Tn – Salem Va – Home

Friday … thought we could get as far as Natural Bridges VA …  we only have approx 750 miles to go to end our journey. Had issues finding a campsite for the nite .. late in the afternoon .. decided to stop a Salem Va .. Dixie Caverns Campground.

Sat morning departure from Salem Va …



Sat .. left Salem campsite at 6:15 in the morning … early start .. 450 miles to finish line .. think we can make it home today… Made 4 stops during the day .. lunch .. rest areas .. After 10 hours of driving .. we made it ! It was a long day .. but .. we really wanted to be home…

Welcome sign encouraged us .. but .. we still had approx 2 hrs driving time left


Arrived home at approx 4:30..  unloaded truck and Casita in stages .. first .. unload .. second clean and put away our stuff… it was a very long day .. but .. at the end of the day ..we slept in our own bed after 2 months on the road .. it felt GREAT  !

No major issues with either GMC or Casita… although Casita was ‘bruised abit’ .. Alot of landscaping to do in yard .. grass/weeds have taken over .. pleasantly surprised that deer didn’t destroy our flower/plant beds .. Must have been that heavy dose of ‘Deer Scram’ and ‘Liquid Fence’ we used before we left. Indoor plants and house were all in good shape .. thanks to our home Crew .. thanks ‘guys’ ! Thanks to Nick & Leslie for letting us campout at your Tenn place .. we needed those 2 days of rest !

A few stats …per AAA our driving time (not including any side trips) was 89 hrs 49 min.. for a total of 5,852 miles. No issues/problems with directions .. time we spent with AAA in trip planning was well spent .. thanks .. Debbie !

Loop is complete !!!

casita finish 2016

Still haven’t totaled up any expenses … will post some numbers when we sort through the bills. Need to sort through MANY photos and video clips .. dashcam clips and time lapse clips … hope to condense everything in an online VIMEO video …. That’s going to be a big project … but .. it will be fun reviewing our travel adventures. We had fun .. endured some 100 + degree days in Utah /Arizona .. met up with old/new Casita friends .. and explored places we’ve never seen before …

Thanks for following us on our Casita Adventures.


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3 responses to “Day 55 Pikeville Tn – Salem Va – Home

  1. Jerryc

    Good to read you’re home, and found things “normal”. It was great to see you guys again. Looking forward to the video. Casita bruised??

  2. cjerryl

    How do I get a password

    • g2adventures

      Hi Jerry !!! Good to hear from you .. hope all is well !! It’s been awhile .. but .. we’re going to try blogging our upcoming trip out West … Try password ‘Travato’ … long story .. but .. no more Casita 😦

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