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Sept 19 Heading Home !

Rained for most of the night .. but .. this morning skies are just cloudy with a few sprinkles .. we’ll be packing up and should be on the road by 9 .. We’ve been checking our local (Pocono & Scranton) news websites .. our area got alot of rain 5-9 inches, so we’re anxious to get home to see if everything is OK on the home front. Guess-timating we should be home around 3:30 this afternoon .. hopefully we won’t encounter any construction or flooding issues along our route home.

We’ll update blog when we get home ……  Have a good day !

Arrived home at 4:30 … nice ride home .. no issues on the road. It was interesting to watch leaves gradually change colors .. change was obvious as we saw alot of reds/yellows/oranges in the trees in Vermont & New Hampshire .. as we rode through NY and Penn there was still alot of green left on trees. Now that we have Casita parked and unloaded .. we have a ton of laundry to do .. 3 weeks worth of mail to sort through and alot of assorted other chores. House is in good shape .. no damage from yesterday’s storm … there must have been alot of rain .. as we drove through New York .. we noticed several rivers over flowing their banks. Checked chemicals in hot tub … we’ll do some soaking tonite .. and sleep in our own bed .. it’s been a long day … It’s good to be home !

Time to start thinking of our next trip !



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Sept 18 Weather Delay

Checked weather forcast for today … doesn’t look like a good day for traveling with Casita and kayaks on roof .. heavy rains & gusty winds heading up and down the East Coast.  We’ll stay an extra night and leave tomorrow morning .. at least .. thats the plan as of 9am this morning ….

Quechee, VT Weather Advisories, Watches & Warnings

in effect until Wednesday, Sep 19, 12:00 AM







So ..  we decided even though we have a steady rain .. we’d look for some rainy day adventures ..   found a place called ‘Sugarbush Farms’ …  that was located deep in the woods of Woodstock. They are a family owned business since 1945 .. making maple syrup and selling cheese(s) made from the milk of their own cows,  jellies and other assorted locally made products.



Boiler – Evaporator (inside Sugarhouse)

Sampled several of their cheeses and several grades of maple syrup. Tasting room of course leads right into their company store .. so we had to make some difficult choices as to any purchases .. everything we tasted was very good ! Farm was open for self tours of their maple syrup making process… from sap collection .. ‘Sugarhouse’ where sap is boiled .. to the evaporation process where syrup gets thicker. They use 25-35 cords of wood that has been dried for a year for the sap boiling process. The sugarmaker feeds wood into boiler every 15 min and constantly checks thickness of syrup and to prevent it from burning.. he doesn’t leave the ‘sugarhouse’ until the entire boiling/evaporating process is complete. Unfortunately the entire process is done Jan-Feb so we did not get to see the actual making of the syrup. As you can tell from pictures .. all building(s) are very old .. amazing some are still standing.. Very interesting and informative trip to Sugarbush Farm .. cheese & maple syrup were good as well !

Tasting & Packaging Room

Store with jelly/preserve samples

Farm buildings


After our tour we headed back to ‘downtown’ Woodstock to have lunch at a small restaurant call ‘Mountain Creamery’ ..  owners that own the place also have an organic farm, in nearby Killington VT .. so ..  lot of foods used in restaurant are brought in from the farm… it’s a nice place for breakfast & lunch. After lunch we headed back to the campsite at around 12:30 .. by then rain had been steady falling.

Forecast is calling for alot of rain & wind for the entire day into the night but clearing up tomorrow morning .. Plan is to leave by at least 9am tomorrow … getting home late afternoon on Wed.


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Sept 17 Billings Farm – Silver Lake

Last day of our trip .. tomorrow we head home.   Sunny day so we decided we’d take kayaks to Silver Lake and spend our last day on the water.  We left the campground in the morning so we wanted to kill some time and let the temperature warm up abit before kayaking so we made a stop in Woodstock and walked around and checked some stores. Then we drove to a place called ‘Billings Farm’  .. a local farm with alot of history dating back to 1800’s.  Place is actually now a National Park with quite a few things to check out .. working farm .. museum of farm equipment .. reconstructed farm buildings as well as a local quilt exhibit. Sat in on a talk about the ‘Underground Railroad’ and the role quilts played in helping slaves make their way up North. Quilts were made and displayed so that they could be used as a ‘signal system’ … quilt patterns depicted helpful bits of info along their journey.

Billings Farm

Sampler quilt of Underground Railroad Blocks

Silver Lake is our kind of lake  .. calm waters and very scenic. Lake is in a State Park that was closed for the season so we launched from a spot in town .. (that would be a general store and a Post Office).  As we drove up we met a very friendly local who was about to launch his canoe .. seems he builds and races canoes .. told us he’s out on the lake every day. He welcomed us to Vermont and told us how beautiful the lake was … he was right. So, after taking his advice as to where to park truck and launch kayaks, we were ready to hit the water.  Guy must have been approx my age but .. he was in excellent shape .. he rowed around the lake 5 times to our 2 .. he’s a paddling machine !  Spent about 2 hours on the lake .. enjoying the great weather. Scenery seemed typical Vermont .. leaves changing .. lake .. and a white church steeple in the background.  Although the general store was closed it seemed like it was a central meeting location for locals to use their WIFI .. people were sitting outside store with their laptops and chatting away. Kayaks loaded back on truck .. we headed back to campsite to get cleaned up and have supper.  We’ll leave for home tomorrow morning … we decided to drive straight home and not make another stop in New York State as we had originally planned. It will be a long day .. over 5 hours and 300 miles .. that’s more than we usually do in one day ..  Forcast is for rain tomorrow .. so that will slow us down a little .. but .. it will be good to get back home !

Silver Lake

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Sept 16 King Arthur’s – Woodstock VT

Temps down to mid 30’s last night .. glad we picked up an extra blanket when we were at LL Bean’s.  Ceramic cube heater saw alot of action as well. Temps forcast to be a little colder tonite. Weather during the day was really fall like .. cool temps in the 60’s .. bright sunshine .. leaves just starting to change colors. With lack of rain this year, leaves are turning earlier than usual.

While waiting for temps to warm up this morning we decided to check out King Arthur’s Flour store (Norwich VT)  …  Approx 20 min from our site .. well worth the trip. They’ve recently rebuilt their existing store to include a cafe and rooms for baking classes, as well as their store selling their baking goods as well as other products. They give daily demonstrations as well as have their ‘experts’ roam around store making themselves available for questions. They gave us some good suggestions on how to ‘improve’ our bread making .. there will be some bread making sessions when we get home.  Made a few purchases .. then had some blueberry muffins and hot chocolate at the cafe.  Cafe had alot of breads and pastries that are made right on site. Seriously thinking of signing up for one of their bread making classes .. it’s a hands on .. 4 hour class. We were advised to sign up early because the classes fill up early .. we sat next to a lady and her daughter who signed up for a apple pie/pastry class .. she signed up for the class months in advance !

King Arthur’s Campus

Store and Demonstration area

Next we headed to the town of Woodstock …  Town had a typical small town New England fall vibe to it .. Leaves were starting to fall and change colors .. pumpkins were out .. weather was cool and sunny .. alot of people strolling on main street. Checked out a few stores ..  went to a deli to buy something for lunch then drove to Silver Lake .. a nearby lake in a State Park that was recommended to us for some ‘calm water’ kayaking. Ate our lunch at a picnic table overlooking lake ..  lake looks good for paddling tomorrow  !

Silver Lake

While on the road we received some great news on the home front .. Todd & Chris will be having a baby next April .. Grandparents twice over .. can’t beat that .. Congrats to Todd & Chris !


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Sept 15 Scarborough Maine to Quechee Vermont

Left Scarborough campsite at 9am .. headed to Quechee Vermont KOA campsite .. approx 200 miles …  Before we arrived at campsite Terri spent almost 2 hours at a one of her new favorite needlework stores  ‘ABC Stitch Therapy’ .. while she was shopping .. I took a nap in the Casita .. it’s a good thing they had a huge parking lot. It was only 30 min from campsite .. so after shopping, we headed for the KOA. We’ve stayed at a few KOA’s .. but .. this is one of the best we’ve seen. Alot of campsites .. but .. they are pretty well spaced out. Restrooms & showers are the best we’ve seen since our stay at ‘4 Paws’ Campsite in North Carolina. Campsite also has great internet access .. it’s so good that I’m able to start loading our photos to Smugmug. Will not have to use MIFI at all at this site.

As we were walking around campsite we chatted with folks who owned a Casita from New Hampshire …  Drove in to nearest town to have supper and to check out the area. On our list of things to do will be kayaking at local lake .. go to ‘King Arthur Flour’ bake store and check out the local towns. Weather has turned chilly .. tonite’s forcast is for a low of 39 degrees .. tomorrow nite’s forcast is 36 degrees.  2 blanket night tonite !   Good news is that temps are supposed to be up in the 70’s during the day.

KOA Campsite

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Sept 14 Sunrise – Salt Marsh – Lenny

Up early this morning to see 6:20 am sunrise at Pine Point Beach .. approx 10 min from our site.  A little chilly … but .. sunrise was worth getting up early.  This is our last day in Scarborough .. tomorrow we’ll drive to White River Junction in Vermont for a few days. We’ve scoped out a state park near our campsite that might be a good spot for kayaking.

Today was our day to close up some lose ends .. doing things we’ve put off doing. Sunrise .. checking out Lenny the Chocolate Moose , walk Salt Marsh foot paths, back to Freeport for last minute shopping.

Walking paths a Salt Marsh turned out to be a nice way to get our excerise and check out birds in the marsh. Next time we’ll bring our muck boots so we could actually walk out in the marsh to get closer to the birds. Terri was able to capture some pretty good photos with her Nikon zoom.



We checked out Lenny the chocolate moose in a local chocolate store in town ‘Len & Libby’. Moose is actually made of chocolate as well as 2 bear cubs.. had to stop and see it .. moose is like a local attraction ! Drove  to Freeport for shopping and dinner, then back to campsite.  While getting truck & Casita ready to roll .. we showed a couple from Canada our Casita … they had been wanting to get a close up look at Casita’s .. not too many in Canada. Had our campfire .. watching some TV then an early start tomorrow for Vermont .. we’re thinking about a 3 hour ride.

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Sept 13 Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Another morning decision … we head to Pemaquid Point lighthouse .. approx an hour from campsite. Good day for the drive .. sunny skies .. Part of our route took us along the coast .. driving through several small scenic oceanside towns & villages.  Pemaquid Point lighthouse is in another scenic area .. almost a park like setting … flowers .. picnic benches .. very well kept. One of the lighthouses claim to fame is that it is featured on a 2003 quarter(s) .. back when USA historical scenes were imprinted on coins. Rocks around lighthouse are amazing ..  different colored rocks … some with stripes .. very unusual.  This is also one of the few lighthouses you can climb up the tower  .. most of them are closed to public.  Lighthouse wasn’t that tall .. but .. it was a nice view on top looking down at ocean and rock formations.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Reflection in pool of water

Surrounding area


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